Go Away Gray Capsules 60 Count SALE

Title: Go Away Gray Capsules 60 Count

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Description: Go Away Gray is an all natural supplement specially formulated to prevent & reverse gray hair! Based on scientific studies, this anti-gray formula replenishes the enzyme Catalase, which slowly depletes as we age. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced by the body and Catalase breaks it down. If you do not produce enough Catalase, the hydrogen peroxide takes over and bleaches your hair from the inside out, causing it to gray. Go Away Gray contains a high concentration of Catalase, along with other special nutrients to help bring back your natural hair color, while also promoting thicker, healthier hair.Take Go Away Gray today and watch YOUR GRAY go away…. Naturally!


  • 60 Count Capsule
  • Serving Size: 2 capsules
  • 30 Servings Per Container

Go Away Gray Capsules 60 Count
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Category: Hair & Scalp Treatments
Brand: Rise-N-Shine
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Rating : 2.4
Rating: 81
They should call this product “Go Away Money” because that’s all it will do for you. I think the people claiming this works for them are plants for this scam, or if that is not so, then it is something else working for them, and NOT catalase, I repeat NOT catalase. Catalase is an enzyme, and it gets digested and turned into a protein. So it never makes it to your cells as catalase and therefore cannot, and I mean CANNOT increase the catalase levels in your cells. The only thing that could possibly be beneficial in this product is it’s high level of copper, which the body needs to produce catalase. So if anything, go buy some cheap copper supplements and hope a copper deficiency is what is causing your gray (not usually) because that’s about the only thing you can do.

This woman who created this product probably already knows it will never work. I can’t imagine she didn’t do the research. This is why, you don’t see before and after pictures all over the place and their…