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Title: Just For Men Touch Of Gray, Light Brown – Gray 1 Application (Pack of 3)

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Description: Touch of Gray, the first and only hair treatment formulated to let men keep a little natural-looking gray. Great for guys who want to look their best, but don’t want to get rid of all their gray. A Real First: the first men’s no-mix, no-mess system. Easy as combing your hair. Works Gradually: with each application the user controls how much gray goes. A natural look that lasts up to 6 weeks.


  • Advanced air oxidation haircolor system designed to eliminate a portion of the consumer’s gray
  • Peroxide and ammonia free
  • No mix, easy to use gel Formula
  • Permanent formula lasts 5-6 weeks

Just For Men Touch Of Gray, Light Brown - Gray 1 Application  (Pack of 3)
List Price: $23.97
Price : $23.97

Category: Chemical Hair Dyes
Brand: Just For Men
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Rating : 4.0
Rating: 75
Review: You CAN reuse it!
I like this product very much because it looks natural and, at least in my case, blends well and leaves some strands of grey hair. I use the Dark Brown,and was afraid it would not be dark enough going by the picture on the package, but on my hair it appears darker than said picture. I am 57 (and yes, Lucy is a male), and only parts of my hair are going grey, so I don’t usually cover all my hair, leaving a lot of product left over. The main thing I want to add to the other reviews is this: the insert specifically says you can only use the product once, then must discard it and use a new tube next time. This is nonsense. The product works by reacting with air to turn dark, so all you need to do to keep it usable is keep it from hitting air. When you are done applying, remove the applicator, squeeze out every last bit of air from the tube, and replace the cap, being careful to keep a little “squeeze” on the tube while doing so, so air doesn’t get sucked back in. When you use it next…